The Smiley Book of Colors - Ruth Kaiser(2012)


           (The author of this book, Ruth Kaiser, is the founder of 'Spontaneous Smiley' project, with its own web page and Facebook page.  Thousands of smiley photographs, captured by many, fill these pages.  Also, they help in operations for children with facial deformities, by joining hands with 'Operation Smile' charity.)

           Who said only humans can smile? No, not in this book. A purse, a shoe or a cookie... almost anything can smile in this book. (Caution : These smiles are contagious). 

Smile at the smiley          

         Have you ever felt this? A car or a truck, looks like it is smiling with its headlights and the bumper. That's where this book's concept begins. Every page of this book is filled with the such smiley photographs of inverted hand bag, apple seeds, a hat and loads more.

        Not just smileys, I have to say they are colorful smileys, as the book classifies the smileys based on primary colors. Each color comes with a rhyming text and they just strengthen the book's idea to smile more.

            Published By : Golden Books

      Classification : Moral (Smile), Educational (Colors)

      ISBN 10 : 03758 69832

      ISBN 13 : 978 03758 69839


My comment:

         Here is a book, that is going to help us find hidden smiles all around us, instead of boring everyday things. With a cute, novel idea, this book can change our entire perception, on how to see things.  

          After reading this book, our food, gadgets and about a lot of other stuff have a smile for us (My kids are shouting, "Look here, here is a smile"). Not just the smiles, it is the positive message of the book, that makes the book more lovable. The color classification adds another feather to this wonderful book. The text is limited but supports the concept of the book.

         Smiles smooth out so many problems. Smiles strengthens relationships. Smiles make us more human. Go ahead, grab this book, smile more and more.

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