Wednesday - Anne Bertier (2014)

           There are two characters in this book: A little round and a big square.(Yes. Seriously!). They play this interesting game: transform themselves into the word they say.

Lighter side of geometry

       As the two shapes say butterfly, the square splits into two triangles and the circle divides into two semicircles and form the butterfly shape.

     The book continues, as in each page, the circle and square transform themselves into a flower, kite and mushroom. After some time, the two friends form shapes, working together, like an exclamation mark, clown and candy etc and there is excitement and pure fun throughout the way,


        "What could a square and a circle do? Well, they can put them together and make many shapes."

My comment: 

         Though this book starts with simple shapes and limited colors (only blue and orange throughout the book), it is the creativity that makes this book more stunning. Each and every page of this book is filled with surprise, as the shapes transform themselves into numerous objects. I believe this book would improve the visual cues of children, as they try to find things within shapes.

         In a long shot, this book also talks about teamwork and friendship too. The circle and square make more shapes, when they are together than they are working alone. Together, this book is wonderful to work with shapes exploration, some emotional talking and crafty sides.

          After all this good perspectives, I felt that the title and cover of the book didn't talk much about the book (Every wednesday, the friends played this game and hence the title). The book is a pleasant surprise for me, way above my feelings about title and cover (Yes, I know preconceived notions go wrong often). Whether you love Geometry or not, don't let your kid to miss this book out. 

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  1. Have you Exclamation Mark? ( I think you might enjoy that one as well -- instead of being a clever play on geometry, it's a clever play on punctuation.

    Hopping over from the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we have read the book "Exclamation Mark" and you are right, we completely enjoyed it.


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