Lost and Found - Oliver Jeffers(2005)

ISBN 10 : 0 39924 503 0
ISBN 13 : 978 0 39924 503 9

(2005 Edition Hardcover)
               Objects can be lost and found. Friendships? Here, a boy loses his friend, but not to worry, he finds the friend back soon.

Lost Someone?
            A boy finds a stranded penguin at his doorstep. Pitying the penguin, he takes enormous steps to sail to south pole, to find its home. Well,it is not an ordinary travel. The boy shares great stories with the penguin. They are through rough and good weather.

              After he leaves penguin at south pole, on the way back home, he realizes that he had lost something. What else could it be, than the penguin? Finally, how did the friends found each other?

          Published By : Philomel Books

          Number Of Pages : 32

          Classification : Emotional, Relations (Friend)

          Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 5

My Comment:

           "Welcome To The South Pole". Who else, other than Oliver Jeffers can imagine to illustrate this sign in south pole? Not only this page, every page of this book is filled with vibrant, rich (and zesty too) illustrations. (Also, take your own time to enjoy the cover image, which is super cute).

         Oliver Jeffers' stories are super imaginary and they have always been a huge hit with my preschooler son. With this book, a penguin friend is enough to catch my kids' attention to this book. Everything I can say after that would be superfluous. The reconciliation of the two friends is a touchy part, and I personally loved it.     

         I can list a number of reasons like narration, illustration and everything else, about this book. But Oliver Jeffers' books move with the lively imagination, that coincides with the dream world of kids. And, for the same reason, every kid would love this book.

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