Where the Wild Things are - Maurice Sendak(1963)

Caldecott Winner- 1964

         Wild imaginations are part of childhood. So, it would be totally fun to make a wild travel to the place of wild things, with the help of those wild imaginations, at times.

Wild things, that are not wild 
           Max was sent to bed without dinner, for making mischief, wearing his fox suit. That night, a forest grows in his room and ocean waves tumble. He travels in a little boat in that ocean and reaches the place of wild things. He is being honored as a king of wild things. But is he satisfied with that? Or, he needs something more, like the warm love of his family?

Publisher : Harper Collins Publications

Classification : Fantasy

 Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment: 

        When I read this book with my kids, I never felt Max is an imaginary boy in the story. After all, how many times we have seen our kids doing mischief and making us angry, but come back to us with the innocent love?

         In the perspective of kids, it is a wonderful make-believe story, taking them to the wild imaginary world. The illustrations make the book more dreamy and this Caldecott winner is sure a classic and a must-read for those imaginary minds. 

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