The Way Back Home - Oliver Jeffers (2007)

            Mars or Moon, home is always the best. No doubts about that. That's why, in this book,  a Martian and Earthling are struggling to find the way back to their homes.

Let's Jump to Moon

          A boy makes a trip to space in his airplane but it runs out of fuel and he crash-lands in the moon. While in Moon in darkness, he has a company. No, it was not a monster. It was a Martian, who was struck in Moon, just like him. 

          The new friends brainstorm about the ways to find "the way back home". What did they do? Are they able to make it to their homes?

       Published By : Philomel Books

       Classification : Relation (Friendship)

        ISBN 10 : 03992 50743

        ISBN 13 : 978 03992 50743

My Comment:
     Checklist of Kids' Favorite topics :

  •           Aliens
  •           Rockets
  •           Space

         This book covers about everything of their favorite topics,along with loads of imaginary fun. The casual writing of Oliver Jeffers lightens and brightens the story (So casually, the boy notices the airplane in his closet and takes it for a ride).

        When it comes to Oliver Jeffers' books, I believe, you should read it from cover to cover, including the endpapers. The author always packs the entire book with fun. This book is also not an exception from that. From the cover image to the short story line in the back cover, everything in this book is pure whimsical.

     Leave kids, any adult, who reads this story, would be captivated by the pictures and the story. The super cute drawings and light hearted narration would make every kid to ask "Once More". 

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