What Ship is Not a Ship? - Harriet Ziefert (2014)

ISBN 10 : 16090 54474
ISBN 13 : 978 16090 54472

This ship won't sink forever.

           How could you live in a mush-'room'? Is it possible to ride on a sea-'horse'? Is hi-'hat', a hat you could wear? Who would have imagined, a monkey ends with a 'key', but does not have a key? Well, by now, you might have guessed what would be the concept of this book. Yes, it's time for riddles. 

          Three objects, of same pattern, are introduced (a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom). The readers should find the odd fourth one, which don't belong in this set (Mushroom is not a room). Each page has an engaging riddle like this, giving food for brain. And, finally, what ship is not a ship? Have you guessed it?

      Illustrated By : Josee Masse

        Published By : Blue Apple Books

        Number of Pages : 40

        Classification : Informative, Interactive

        Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3  


My Comment :

       Whether you are serious about lateral thinking or want to have some silly fun, this book can work around any way for you. While introducing the strange word connections of English language, this book also sets a riddle play. Apart from these two points, the author has designed this book as informative also, giving explanations for the words used.

          Needless to say, my kids loved to read (or play with) the book. One reason being, the riddles are not highly complex, but make them think and analyse for a while. (If the questions are too hard to answer, they would not have crossed the second page). It is so good to see my kids trying to guess the answer, as each riddle is read. Also, it comes with a pretty layout, enhanced by colorful illustrations. (Everything including the endpapers are adorable, thanks to the illustrator's excellent artwork).

           Read, or play, this book would be a winner with every kid. After all, which kid doesn't like riddles and puzzles? 

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