Moon Forest - Patricia MacCarthy(2013)

     Life is all about running, in this forest. While some living beings run for preying, some run for saving their life from those preys. It could be either for living or preying, running is more important.

A Moon's Eye View

        Grace through the eyes of moon, as it follows a hunting fox, in the night drown forest. The fox pounces through the forest, while the other creatures take flight for their survival. It was not until we see the fox reaching for her hungry cubs, we could understand the side of this preying mother.

               Publisher : Frances Lincoln Children's Books

            Classification : Emotional (Survival)

            Age : Grades 5 and above

            ISBN 10 : 1 847 80283 4

My Comment:

       This book is surprising at many levels.

  •      First, the vivid illustrations that transcend us to the moonlit forest, put us in a wild travel through the burrows, bushes and water bodies, along with the hunting journey of the red fox.
  •     Second, the verses that make us feel pounce, quiver, dive , rustle, flutter like the creatures of moon forest. Even, if you read the verses alone without illustrations, you could clearly picture the forest alive, with the hunter and prey racing for survival.
  •     Third, the concept that completes the survival circle of hunting. After all, both the hunter and the prey run for the same reason: survival.
  •     The red fox starts as a voracious hunter, sending shiver through the lives of moon forest, ends as a battling mom, for her cubs' survival.
        Due to the concept, text placement and vivid picture details, this book fits better for kids above grade level five. But it cannot be limited to only as a children's book. Any art lover can enjoy this water color treat.

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