The Crunching Munching Caterpillar - Sheridan Cain (2000)

ISBN 10 : 04392  98008

Eat, Sleep, Dream, Fly 

           A pair of wings and a feather-light body are needed for flying. Where on earth, a caterpillar can get those, if he wishes to fly? Simple, all he has to do is crunch and munch fresh blackberry bush leaves and sleep well.

           There is a cute caterpillar who wanted to fly. The caterpillar meets a bumble bee and tells his wish. But bumblebee says that the caterpillar don't have wings and he cannot fly. Then the caterpillar meets a sparrow, who says that the caterpillar is heavy and he cannot fly.

          But finally he meets a butterfly. The butterfly asks him to sleep well and says that his dreams might come true. After eating, sleeping and Voila!, the caterpillar is now a ...........

       Illustrated By : Jack Tickle

       Publisher : Tiger Tales

       Classification : Moral (Never Let Negative Words Drown You)

                                 Emotional(Dreams & Wishes), Science(Butterfly Life cycle, Flying)

       Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1- 3

My Comment:

       No kid is ever going to get bored with caterpillars and butterflies. This book would be another successful example for this theory. Apart from a cute story, that any kid would love, this book has adorable layout designs and lovely pleasant illustrations:

  • The bitemark at the corner of the book, similar to the marks on leaves bit by the caterpillar (I think this is only in paperback format).
  • The font changes with the moods of the story, in some places: The dream version has a different font. The font of the phrase 'stretched and stretched' really stretches and stretches.
  • I can see that adorable caterpillar with his lovely smile, again and again.
  • The Background colors are vibrant and the exquisite illustrations can hold the attention of even impatient kids.

       In the background of this story, I can see two science lessons: 1. Life Cycle of Butterfly 2. Science of Flying. If you want, you can extend the lesson by asking what are the basic necessities for a thing to fly.

       For the love of butterflies and caterpillars, travel along with this caterpillar's life.

        What is your 'book thoughts' about this book? Best, Good, Okay or Yet to Read. Mark your options down.


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