About the Author : Sandra Boynton (1953 - )

           A children's book can be entertaining, educational or moralistic. But how could it be 'Seriously Silly'? Well, that's Sandra Boynton's way. The conceptual silliness fits not only to kids, but also to fun looking adults.

          Sandra Boynton's books are often characterized by less text, rollicking simple illustrations and a silly( but one, which makes the readers smile) theme.


       The career graph of this author is versatile. She is multi talented and established her niche in more than one field. She is a 
  •  Children's book author and illustrator 
  •  Cartoonist
  •  Music producer
  •  Song writer
  •  Director
  •  Greeting card designer
  •  Designer of various other things 
  •  Author of books for grown-ups


       Her first children's book "Hippos Go Berserk!", published in 1977, was originally a project she did in Yale school for drama. From that time, she had written nearly fifty books. Most of her books are board books, intended for small children. Concepts (opposites, animal sounds, moods) and literary themes (alphabets, numbers) have been the center theme of many of her books.

      Her 'Little Pookie' book series features a adorable little pig and explores some emotional tidbits from a toddler's point of view. There are four 'Little Pookie' books and a prequel to them, make it a total of five.


      It is no wonder, this ingenious author has bagged several awards. 
  •     Irma Simonton Black Award (1985) - For "Chloe and Maude"
  •     National Cartoonists Society Award (1993)
  •     National Parenting Publications Gold Medal (1994) - For "The Barnyard Dance" 
  •     Milton Caniff LifeTime Achievement Award (2007)    

Apart from this, she has also won awards and acclaims for her creative work  in the field of greeting card designs, music and short films. 

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