Nap Time - Iris De Mouy (2014)

ISBN  10 : 15549 84874
ISBN 13 : 978 15549 84879

          (Note : This book was originally written in French by the author, Iris De Mouy, in 2013. It was translated into English by Shelley Tanaka, in 2014.)

It's naptime in Savannah

       Many kids hate to hear this from mom, "It's naptime". You can expect a "I'm not tired", "I am not a small baby to sleep" etc. Finally, what is your tactic to make your little protester to nap?

        Here, a little girl has the responsibility to put animals in savannah to nap. But the animals are not making things easy(just like our little protesters). The zebra looks crossed at the talk of nap. The hyena laughs as if it heard a joke. The crocodile and hippo consider nap is just for babies (tiny little babies, to say it right). 

       But the little girl is resourceful. She has one smart trick up her sleeve. She asks the animals to close one eye and then......


    Translated By : Shelley Tanaka

    Publisher : Groundwood Books

    Classification : Funny, Emotional (Naptime Battles)

    Age : Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartener


My Comment :
      It is exhausting to make kids, to understand the justice(!) behind naptime. But this adorable book can totally entice them to take a nap right away. (If you cannot believe my words, you can try it for yourself). 

      Jokes apart,  this is really a lovely book. Starting from the mild colored and child friendly illustrations and humorous text, everything about this book is so charming. Even I liked the sizing of the book. (The height is much smaller than width and it would fit perfectly on a child's lap in criss-cross applesauce position). 

      The naptime technique of the girl is so simple and amusing, that we repeated the reading several times. (The book is small and lovely, so I don't mind reading again and again). The expressions of the animals varying from anger to fun, is sure to captivate the kids. 

      The translator (Shelley Tanaka) has done an amazing work, in selecting and translating this cute book by the author, Iris De Mouy. Remember, all you need to do for a peaceful nap time is grab and read this book, close one eye and then.......

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