The Mixed-Up Chameleon - Eric Carle (1975)

       We all know chameleons change colors. But, what happens when a chameleon wants to change its very identity? 

An Identity Crisis

       Here is a chameleon, who has a perfectly normal life, changing colors with the surroundings and catching flies. One day, he sees a zoo and many beautiful animals. He wishes to be like the colorful animals in the zoo and in a magical way, his wishes come true.

       When he wants to be white and big like a polar bear, he becomes white and big. When he prefers to be handsome like a flamingo, he gets the wings and long legs of flamingo. He wishes for the features of so many animals and gets everything. Finally, is he happy with all those? Can he catch a fly with all those mixed up features?

        Publisher : Hamilton Children's Books

          Classification : Moral (Be Yourself), Colors

          Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

           ISBN 10 : 02418 92864

My Comment:

       How to say this great moral 'Be yourself' to a kid, who cannot understand what is a person's self? Well, thanks to Eric Carle's ingenious book, that is possible. This book is a typical classic of Eric Carle, with eye catching illustrations, summing up a great moral.
       I consider the illustrations in this book, something special. Apart from being vibrant, each page shows the chameleon with the additional features of animals, he wishes for. This adds to the mixed up confused state of chameleon in the end, giving a strong visual for the moral of the story.

       The cut-out pages of the book make the book, more interesting in the hands of a curious kid. (My preschooler son, flipped the cut-out pages back and forth and enjoyed it much). The narration starts with the characteristics of chameleon, which makes the kids' understanding easy. Also, the text is simple. This book can also be used for learning colors, as each animal is illustrated in different colors.

        Belonging to the wonderful collection to the animals' book by Eric Carle, this book is sure an entertainer and upstanding book.

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