The I'm not Scared Book- Todd Parr (2011)

        "Are there real monsters under my bed? What if I get lost? What to do if I make a terrible mistake?". Almost all the kids would have some kind of fear at some point of time.

Chicken-hearted to lionhearted   
         Do you want to get your kid out of fear, while laughing all through the way? The great author, Todd Parr has a solution for that.

           The kids in this book state a fear and a strategy how they deal with it. If a kid is afraid of darkness, he can switch on the night-light. If a kid is afraid of getting lost, she stays closer to mommy. The whole book thus proceeds by stating a fear and suggesting a solution to it. 

       Publisher : Little, Brown and Company

           Classification : Emotional (Fear & Coming out of Fear)

           Age : Preschooler - Grade 1

           ISBN 10 : 03160 8445X

           ISBN 13 : 978 03160 84451

My Comment:

       The first time you ever see Todd Parr's book, you cannot simply move across without holding and opening the book. It is the attractive colors that are going to hold you back, until you read the entire book. I have always wondered, how this great author-cum-illustrator can make eye-catching illustrations, using all the bright colors. This book is another substantial proof of Todd Parr's stunning work.

       After you spent long time amazing at the pictures, it is the narration that is going to make you smile (or laugh, depending on how much you react). As this book moves giving strategies to come out of fear, my kids went from giggle, smile, laugh to a broad ha-ha-ha (especially the page for shopping fear). 

        Apart from fun and illustrations, I loved certain strategies in my grown-up point of view:

  •  It talks about the fear of kids about not being perfect and when they see their parents argue. That is a real mature thought, given in a child-friendly way.
  • The book teaches the kids to deal their emotional problems in a problem-solving approach. For sure, they need this approach after they grow up.

        Let your kids to take care of their fear or anxiety, with this wonderful book, while having fun all through the way.

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  1. Looks like an interesting book, will check it out!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am sure you will love the book.


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