A Mountain of Friends - Kerstin Schoene (2014)

ISBN 10 :  15545 5313X
ISBN 13 : 978 15545 53136
        ( Note: This book was originally written and published in German language by Kerstin Schoene in 2013. It was translated into English by Natalie Hyde in 2014)

Penguin can fly

            Penguins are flightless birds. But, if a penguin is among a great group of friends, things might take a different turn, like in this story.

            A penguin wants to, but cannot fly. He wishes to soar through the clouds one day. No matter how hard he tries, he could not fly. Then comes this great group of friends, including you (Yes, you, as a reader, are part of the group).

            The friends took the penguin to a hilltop. They stack stones to help the penguin reach higher. But that's not enough to reach clouds. Aha, then they form a animal totem pole. How do they form the animal totem pole? Does the penguin soar through the clouds? Answers for these questions form the delightful part of this lovely story.

      Translated By : Natalie Hyde

      Publisher : Fitzhenry & Whiteside

      Classification : Relation (Friends), Emotional (Dreams, Friendship)

      Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener

My Comment :

      Often, simple things offer great pleasure. This is highly true, regarding children's books. (I think, kids often rejoice with simple stuff, than complex, multilayered things.)
This book is one such simple delight. 

        It is the illustrations that delight us first in this book. The cover image, where the adorable huge elephant is being hugged by a tiny cute penguin, is just a sampler of it. Page to page, the lovely illustrations do not let us to take our eyes from them (Oh, yes, it is for real). The very highlight of the illustration is the totem pole in the last few pages. (You are instructed to turn the book by 90 degrees, to enjoy it). My preschooler loved turning the pages back and forth and enjoyed these pages repeatedly.  But, I felt it would have been more lovely, if it was given as a single fold out page. 

        The narration is simple and so lovely. The values of friendship, portrayed by the book, makes the book, more respectable. Any dream is possible, with determination and loyal friends. I can tell this to my kids louder, thanks to this book.

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