Planet Kindergarten - Sue Ganz-Schmitt (2014)

ISBN 10 : 14521 18930
ISBN 13 : 978 14521 18932
3...2...1... To Planet Kindergarten

  The Countdown starts!

         3.... Suit up.

         2.... Gears up.

         1.... Heads up.

   Now................ launch into mission kindergarten.

           Well, yes, it is first day of kindergarten. This brave boy is all set to accomplish the great mission. Assigned to a commander (teacher), he takes a look at his space capsule (classroom). After some initial disagreement, he becomes friendly with a crewmate (classmate). But after some time, he cannot withstand this new atmosphere. But, it is time, he remembers the saying in NASA: "Failure is not an option".

          He takes a deep breath and determined to succeed in his mission. Does he really succeed?

        Illustrated By : Shane Prigmore

        Publisher : Chronicle Books

        Classification : Funny, Emotional (Coping up with Kindergarten entry)

        Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1- 3

My Comment :

      To start with, we loved everything about this book: the cover, the endpapers, the illustrations, the plot, the narration and the short introductory pages that come before the actual title page (That was brilliant!).

       The  narration and illustrations are bubbling with cheer and enthusiasm. (My kids got pretty active after reading the book). Every time I read this book, they pointed out small interesting details in illustrations and narration. Don't stop this book with one time reading, as it has so much of detailing, that come up with multiple reading. (Also, I marked down this book for the kindergarten prep for my son, who is starting kindergarten,  in the upcoming fall.)

       With so much love for the book, I also found a catch in this book. My preschooler son (soon-to-be kindergartener), cannot get the line-to-line analogy of space mission and first day kindergarten fully, (though he understands and enjoys the overall story). The complete story line of the book is a bit high for the exact target audience (like my son). This affects the very purpose of the book, in coping up with the fears of school. On the other hand, my second grader enjoyed this book reading line to line and hence  I added his age group in the age range.

      But, we are not going to be stopped from our mission because of this. We would totally have a blast of fun, riding to, oops.., reading 'Planet Kindergarten'.

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    1. Thanks for asking. My first and best choice is checking out from a library. For buying, I go for Amazon. These two resources almost cover a huge collection of books.

  2. Thanks for a great book review! This book sounds like a fun one to read with my little ones. Thank you for not giving away any spoilers too. :)
    Deborah from Mommy Crusader


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