Hippopposites - Janik Coat (2012)

       (Note : The French Original version of this book was published in 2010. In 2012, it was translated and published in English.)

Funny Hippo Vs. Educational Hippo

         This book talks about the age old concept of opposites. But, don't think it is just another book of antonyms. It is an amazing world of hippos and opposites, conjoined. So, what is a hippo doing in a opposites book?
          For that matter, hippo is everything in this book. Every page of this book features a hippo. There is a small hippo contrasting a large hippo. If one hippo is turning to left, another one turns to right side. Don't stop just there, hippos even go with opposites like free x caged,   positive x negative,   invisible x visible etc, which are used very less in children's books.

        Publisher : Harry N. Abrams

        Classification : Educational (Opposites)

        Age : Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartener

        ISBN 10 : 14197 01517 

        ISBN 13 : 978 14197 01511

My Comment :

          I saw this book in library. The moment, I read the title, I picked the book and read it whole and checked out too. The same wonder that striked me in the title (Hippo + Opposites), flows through the entire book.

           The major colors used in this book are red and white, with a few pages showing some other colors. But as the pictures juxtapose the themes, our eyes are glued to the book. All the credits go to the amazing creativity of the author. 

           Though the book centers around limited colors and same kind of pictures ( a red hippo), the concept it covers is vast. Many of the opposites are rare among children's books. The opposites full x empty, opaque x transparent are presented in a novel way. Even, a touch and feel page is there for soft x rough.

        I know, it is so tiring to read an opposites book for 1001 times. Maybe, next time, these cute hippos can help you.

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  1. This sounds like a cute book. Sometimes it is tiresome reading about things like opposites (or numbers or sounds) rather than stories, but our kiddos benefit so much. Thanks for the book recommendation! We adore anything with hippos (which my son thought for the longest time were large pigs...haha).

    1. Thanks for the comment. You are right. These concepts based books are useful to kids. And this one is a fun to read also.Well, the 'large pig' is really cute.


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