What's in the Coral Reef? - Charley Harper (2014)

ISBN 10 : 07649 68467
ISBN 13 : 978 07649 68464
Image Credits : pomegranate.com

         Coral reefs are fascinating, being the home of vast marine species. What it would be like to have an up close view of a coral reef, thriving with colorful and lively creatures? Oh, wait! you don't need scuba gear. It is the plain old way of grabbing Charley Harper's book and diving into sea bed.

An Underwater Wonderland

           There is a Black leather jacket, a Red band, a Yellowtail Parrotfish and some Blue Tangs. The coral reef is vibrant with all these colorful fish around. But, maybe, you are a person of pattern. Then you can enjoy the Spotted Drum, the Spotted Trunkfish and the Four-eye Butterfly fish. 

           On the way, you might also have a peek of Sergeant Major, Cornetfish, Elkhorn coral and various other lives of the rich coral reef. How was your trip in the end?

      Text By : Zoe Burke

      Publisher : Pomegranate Kids

      Classification : Art (Charley Harper's art), Science (Nature),

                        Informative (Life in Coral Reef)

       Age : Nature lovers of all age

My Comment:

           All Charley Harper's books are most welcome in our house, as my kids are crazy about living beings. And this book adds more excitement as it explores underwater, which is indeed a wonderland with diversified creatures. All pictures in this book are taken from Charley Harper's painting "The Coral Reserves", based on Caribbean reef preserves. (The whole painting is given as a puzzle in the last page.)

         The graphic patterns of all the creatures, while retaining their uniqueness, stand as signs of Charley Harper's extraordinary art. I personally loved the turtle, the lazy Manta Ray and school of French Grunts. Who knows, any future art lover can take inspiration from this innovative artwork.

        Though we enjoyed Zoe Burke's text in all the other books of this series (What's in the woods?, What's in the rain forest?), this one is exceptionally good. The funny way of introducing the fish names is so whimsical. To say the truth, I came to know a lot of fish names after reading this book. The last page puzzle, where the kids need to locate the creatures, is an active challenge for those active brains.

        This book is a perfect blend of art, education, fun and information.

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