Happy Endings - Robin Pulver (2011)

           Suffixes are meant to be in the end of a word (Absolutely rightful). But what would happen if they are at the beginning? (lyTotal ingconfus?)

Begin with the end
       Mr.Wright's students are excited, as summer vacation is nearing. When Mr.Wright is about to start teach suffixes, they are completely not in a mood for learning. So Mr.Wright announces that the endings would be tackled after the lunch. 

         Tackling? The endings are not happy with this. Yes, it is time to show their importance. They hide and leave clues with suffixes in the starting of the word. (The clue goes like "Try ingclean your sdesk"). How did the kids manage to find the endings resolving the clues?

Illustrated By : Lynn Rowe Feed

Publisher : Holiday House

Classification : Educational (Grammar, Suffixes)

Age : Grade 1 and above

ISBN 10 : 08234 24340

ISBN 13 : 978 08234 24344

My Comment :

         I admire all Robin Pulver's books, since they bring the light-hearted side of grammar and break the rigidity of lessons. (How many sheets of grammar activity, a child can go through? But they would readily love a story book). (The books are not complete educational materials

         The illustrations (by Lynn Rowe Reed) in the book, are equally hilarious to match the theme. The plot is a lot same in many of the author's books (punctuations or suffixes running away from class). But the author has done a brilliant job in making the conversations of the suffixes, based on the particular suffix itself (The "ing" says "After so much, standing by and watching and waiting").

        When compared to other books by Robin Pulver, though this book look compulsive, my second grader enjoyed it and benefitted from it too. (I believe the books for 'Punctuation' and 'Nouns & Verbs' are more intact in plots and bring a wholesome fun).

       fullyHope, have somewhole fun, inglearn grammar.

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