Shape by Shape - Suse MacDonald (2009)

ISBN 10 :  14169 71475
ISBN 13 : 978 14169 71474
Who Am I?

      Rhombus shaped scales, oval head, triangle sharp teeth, crescent mouth - Who's that new monster in town? Or was he as old as mountains? 

      The first page of the book shows two cut-out circles (eyes) . In the next page, several cut-out triangles (teeth) join them. Then, a crescent shaped mouth fit over the triangles. 

         As each page progresses, other shape cut-outs join the face and the last fold out page shows the magnificent animal, formed by these shapes together. 

  Publisher : Little Simon

   Classification : Interactive (Finding the animal), Educational (Shapes)

   Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment :

        Visual Cues, often, form the theme of Suse MacDonald's books. This book also falls in the same category and makes an amazing entertainer for the children's minds. As small children's mind can process more visuals than words, I believe this book opens a new world of possibilities for them. (Reading this book in real is amazing and I believe any review cannot give enough justification to the book.)

       Learning shapes is just the basic theme of the book. This book goes way beyond that, developing an interactive play, guess game and stunning visuals. The usage of bold colors and precise shapes double the fun. (My kids would have flipped the book back and forth a hundred times. As the shapes overlay and slowly form the animal's face, the excitement of my kids jumped up.)

       I believe almost every kid in the world loves the surprise magnificent animal in this book. This book would fit perfectly in class room and bed time readings. Let us read and stomp.

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