What's in the Woods? - Charley Harper (2013)

Image Credits : Pomegranate.com
ISBN 10 : 07649 64534

       Bird Watching is a wonderful experience, provided the weather is pleasant. But what if the weather is not working right? Well, there is a way. Just pick a copy of 'What's in the Woods?' by Charley Harper and enjoy a walk through nature in the midst of cozy indoors.

An Indoor Bird-Watching Fun
          "Oh, there is a grouse, a scarlet tanager and a blue jay. Wow, a red-bellied woodpecker is pecking that tree. Can you hear the cardinal's song? Is that a chipmunk, that rustles near? Oops! Watch out! A snake slithers there." This is only a short list in our nature watching fun, through Charley Harper's vibrant illustrations. 

        There is also Zoe Burke's lively text, that travels along with the line of nature and compliments Charley Harper's prismatic sketches.


        Text By : Zoe Burke 

Publisher : Pomegranate Kids

Classification : Art, Science (Nature), Informative (Birds & Animals)    

Age : Fits all nature lovers and art lovers of any age

My Comment :

       First and foremost, it is Charley Harper's sketches that attracts the eyes and minds of any reader, towards this wonderfully crafted book. The aspects, I wonder, about Charley Harper's sketches:
  • The way, the wild animal or bird (even insects, bugs, leaves too) transforms into sketches of graphic patterns.
  • The sketches retains the unique features of each wildlife.
  • The angles, from which the wildlife is viewed, is always unique.(The upshot flying angle of grouse, the front view of a cardinal, the backview of a squirrel are some classic examples.)
  • The rich and closest to nature colors of sketches.
        Well, these are my astonishments. But, my kids are not waiting to examine any of these and  I have seen them always attracted to this great artist's sketches. (Charley Harper 'ABC's' was one one of my elder one's favorite, when he was just a toddler.)

        After the great pictures, the next appealing aspect is the way how this book is organized. (Originally, the illustrations from this book come from Charley Harper's 'Birducopia'.). Zoe Burke's rhyming text walks us into this lovely nature land. Also, the text is detailed (It is not just a woodpecker, there is a red-bellied woodpecker and a pileated woodpecker).
        So, do you have a budding nature lover at home? Then, Charley Harper's collection of books are a 'must-have' at home. Or your kid is not much interested in nature? Introduce Charley Harper's world. Maybe, your kid's hidden interest would come out. In anyway, this book is a wonderful addition to library and a perfect gift.

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