Opposites - Sandra Boynton (1982 - First Ed.)

ISBN 10 : 0671973525
           Nothing is alone in this world. Everything has an opposite and every child is learning this natural concept in various ways. This book is Sandra Boynton's way of seeing opposites.

A world of Opposites

           There is a heavy elephant playing see-saw with a light rabbit. A tall giraffe is standing next to a short pig. A fast-running dog is comparing its speed with a slow-moving snail.

           Apart from comparing appearances and actions, this book also teaches opposites like 'wet & dry', 'young & old' etc. Thus, each and every page of this book, visually, defines the concept of 'Opposites'.

Publisher : Simon & Schuster

Classification : Conceptual (Opposites), 

                         Educational (Describing words)

Age : Baby, Toddler, Preschooler

My Comment:
           Often, simple things provide great pleasure. This book is one such example. With a simple concept of opposites and lovely illustrations, the author, Sandra Boynton, has managed to create a "read-again" wonder. (As my elder one loved Sandra Boynton's books when he was a baby, I might have read these books more than a thousand times, especially "A to Z" by Sandra Boynton).

            The best factor, I love about this book is, it has a lot of visual fun. The opposites "wet & dry" , "right & wrong " are illustrated in a simple understandable way. As opposites is one of the early concepts, a child masters, this book can be a start-up innocent fun for those little minds. 

            It has been over thirty years since this book was first written. The kids who read the first edition of this book would be grown ups by now. I am sure they would be enjoying this delightful book again, with their kids.

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