About the Author : Marcia Brown(1918 - )

        A post about Marcia Brown can be titled in many ways :

  •  A  distinguished children's author and illustrator
  •  An illustrator whose pictures can express
  • Three times winner of Caldecott Medals
  •  Recipient of notable awards and medals

        Regardless of whichever way she is introduced, she is undoubtedly a brilliant contributor to children's literature. Her first book 'The Little Carousel' was published in 1946. From that time on, she has written and illustrated over thirty books.

        Apart from the capturing narration, it is the pictures that impact more in her books. Even before reading her book, the illustrations can convey and transfer a lot to the readers. The magical vibrations of 'Cinderella', the dark 'shadowy' and bright 'real' pictures of 'Shadow', the delightful orange tones of  'Stone Soup' and other notable works had clearly brought her Caldecott awards.

        As Marcia Brown was inspired by many tales and fables around the world, she has molded them into adorable children's books. Marcia Brown's efficient storytelling has given textual and visual life to those folktales and fairy tales.

Awards and Medals:

         The list of awards and medals received by Marcia Brown:

  • Caldecott Winner for three times

  1. Cinderella(1955)
  2. Once A Mouse(1962)
  3. Shadow(1983)

  • Caldecott Runner-up or Honor for six times

  1.  Stone Soup(1948)
  2. Henry-Fisherman(1950)
  3. Dick Whittington and His Cat(1951)
  4. Skipper John's Cook(1952)
  5. Puss in Boots(1953)
  6. The Steadfast Tin Soldier(1954)

  • Regina Medal (1977)
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal(1992)
  • United states nominee for Hans Christian Anderson Award(1966 & 1976)
     Either it is writing or illustrating, the contribution of Marcia Brown to children's literature is enormous and her books would be enriching generations to come.

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