Big Sarah's Little Boots - Paulette Bourgeois (1987 - First Ed.)


ISBN 10 : 0922103700
             Sarah loves her yellow rain boots, which are as yellow as a bathtub duck. They went SQUISH, when she jumps. And, finally, that day comes, when Sarah can no longer fit into those boots. Poor Sarah, what would she do, if her dear boots shrunk? She tries to pull them hard, fills them with rocks, plants and waters them. But the boots are not growing back.

             It was then, her mom informs her that it is not the boots that are shrunk, it is Sarah who has grown. Big Sarah has to get a new pair of red striped yellow boots and pass her old boots to her little brother. Alas, the new boots went SPLASH, when she jumps. Will Sarah really enjoy her new boots?

            Illustrator : Brenda Clark          

            Publisher : Kids Can Press

            Classification : Emotional (Growing up)

            Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment:

           Yes, this story is absolutely enjoyable. But I would say, it is a must-have book in home, if you have a emotional kid, who don't want to grow out of anything. The little girl, Sarah, of this story can be easily matched to any kid, who gets pretty attached to their things. The narration is lovely and the tricks by Sarah to "grow up" the boots are heartily enjoyed by me and my kids.

           There is a lot of emotion binded in this story. Through the eyes of Sarah, the author has passed on happiness, sadness, naughtiness and other feelings to the reader. The segments where Sarah passes her boots to her brother will, sure, make you love this big sister.

          The illustrations keeps you nearer to Sarah by exhibiting even her minute expressions of disappointment, grunts, hopes, delights and anger. In total, I am sure, you would hear "Can we read it again?" from your kid, after the first time.


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