Gregory's Shadow - Don Freeman(2000)

           The myth: On Groundhog Day, people look out for groundhogs. If it comes out along with its shadow, there would be six more weeks of winter. If the groundhog appears alone, it indicates early arrival of spring.

A Warm and Cozy Story
          Gregory Groundhog and his Shadow are friends and are always together. Because their company keeps them both brave and neither are bold without the other. But, a day before the Groundhog Day, the friends got separated.
          In the quest for searching each other, they became brave. Finally, how did the friends find each other and how did they come out on Groundhog day?

 Publisher : Viking

 Classification : Myth, Tradition (Groundhog Day)

 Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1-3

 ISBN 10 : 0670893285

My Comment:
           In the words of my preschooler, it's a cute story (Talking shadows, friends losing each other and getting reunited etc. seemed to charm my son). With Don Freeman being the author - cum- illustrator (creator of lovely 'Corduroy'), obviously we can expect a cute groundhog and its shadow. And the illustrations fulfill our expectations one hundred percent.

         In my views, this book has opened possibilities to talk about groundhog day with my kids. Also, I was able to explain the science behind the concept. But, apart from serious stuff, any adult can enjoy this 'cute' groundhog and his 'friendly' shadow.

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