If a Bus Could Talk (Story of Rosa Parks) - Faith Ringgold(1999)

Biography By Bus

ISBN 10 : 0689818929
       Marcie is waiting for her school bus, but instead hops on the talking bus, which stopped by her bus stop, on time. It is not just an ordinary bus, but it is the very bus that Rosa Parks, the pioneer of Civil Rights movement, travelled and got arrested for her protest.

      While the talking bus rewinds the life history of Rosa Parks, the little girl Marcie follows the story with pride and glee. What could be more special, if she is travelling in a very special bus and celebrating the birthday of Rosa Parks, with Rosa Parks herself.

   Publisher : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

    Classification : Biography (Rosa Parks)

    Age : Grades 1- 3

My Comments:

    I am so happy that I introduced this book to my kids. This book combines fantasy and biography in a single thread, at the right level. 

  •  The parts where the bus is talking, are fictitious and they develop the interests of the kids.
  •  The life history of Rosa Parks is handled in a simple, narrative way, without disturbing the real facts with imaginary elements. Thus the book is able to convey history, while holding the interest of small kids.
  • The illustrations are apt and they make the readers to visualise the history effectively.

        If you believe that biographies play a vital role in shaping out the kids, don't miss the book.

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