What's Wrong, Little Pookie? - Sandra Boynton (2007)

ISBN 10 : 03758 45526
ISBN 13 : 978 03758 45529
     What if it is one of the days, when your baby (or toddler), is fuzzy or upset, simply for no reason? The same sequence goes on here, but how does Pookie's mom handle it?

It's all in a day

      Pookie is upset one day, for which Pookie's mom don't know the reason. What could be possibly worrying Pookie? She asks various questions to Pookie, to know the cause. 

     Did a hippo try to borrow Pookie's shoes? Did a tiny green elephant snatched Pookie's cookies? Finally, does she ever get to know the answer? Does Pookie cheer up in the end?

Publisher : Robin Corey Books 

Classification : Emotional (Being upset) 

Age : Baby, Toddler

My Comment:

         I never have missed any of Sandra Boynton's books, since my elder one was a huge fan (!), when he was small. This one too adds to the classic list of the author's other books. This is a soothing, simple book that works well with babies and toddlers. The simple 'yes' or 'no' questions are sure to improve the conversations with those small kids. 

         Though this book may seem as forced imagination, toddlers would absolutely love it. The narration and illustration are so simple and straightforward, the classic style of Sandra Boynton. I loved the last part of this book, because that is how toddlers' fuzziness comes and goes easily.

          Next time, your kid makes you crazy, go Sandra Boynton's style, and sure you would see some cheeky smiles.

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