Go, Shapes, Go! - Denise Fleming(2014)

It's Show Time

              The show is about to begin. But it is not any ordinary show. It is a show of shapes, conducted by a mouse. At first, a square slides in, then an oval bounces to the top of square. Then a circle comes rolling to fit in the oval. Soon, triangle, rectangle, arc and some more shapes fly in. All the shapes together form a monkey.

            So sad, the monkey crashes soon and the shapes try to rearrange themselves. A big mishap happened and now the conducting mouse is on the run. What is the mishap, anyway?

       Publisher : Beach Lane Books       

          Classification : Skill, Funny, Educational (Shapes), Language(Action Words)

          Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1-3

My Comment:

             The illustrations should be mentioned first. The techniques of Denise Fleming are already popular. In this book, each shape is cut from different patterned handmade paper and this book is visually delightful with various patterned shapes and backgrounds. If you have a craft loving kid at home, have some handmade or construction papers in hand. The activity would keep them engaged. The simple rhyming narration make the plot more lovely.

             Apart from various shapes, this book also has a collection of action words to introduce to kids (Square slides in, Arc slithers, Rectangles Flip, with lines drawn to represent the action). This book would make a wonderful classroom project.  

             As a minor issue, the backgrounds in certain pages reduce the vibrancy of the shapes in those pages. But in a kid's perspective, this book is sure to score and keep them engaged.

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