Stuck - Oliver Jeffers (2011)

         Kites always have a knack of getting stuck in trees. But things get a lot worse, for Floyd, when he tries to rescue his stuck kite.
        Floyd throws a shoe, to get his kite back. Sadly, the shoe also gets stuck. Then he tries another shoe, which gets stuck too. He throws a cat. Obviously, the cat gets stuck. Then a ladder, a bucket of paint, a duck, a chair and there is a whole list of other things including a boat, a house, a whale, a truck.....

        Yes, he finally manages to get his kite. But, wait, what happened to the other stuck things?

          Publisher : Philomel Books

          Classification : Funny

          Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3    

           ISBN 10 : 03992 57373

          ISBN 13 : 978 03992 57377

My Comment:
          This is one more book with repetitive version of storytelling, where the things get stuck in the tree. And the hilarious narration of Oliver Jeffers keeps the readers engaged and the kids would be highly entertained (With Oliver Jeffers' fans around, we read the book a lot of times).

           I have always loved the visual detailing in Oliver Jeffers' books. And, this book is no exception. I can make a big list of cute layouts in this book.

  • The title 'STUCK' really gets stuck in the tree, in the cover image.
  • The lovely endpaper with a grid of all the things, stuck in the tree.
  • The hand-written font, that looks so child-friendly. In one place, the word 'Rhinoceros' is even crossed out with wrong spelling, just the way, kids write. 
  • The conversation bubbles which add more fun.
        (Yes, I too read the book, from cover to cover)

      The illustrations follow typical Oliver Jeffers' style and my kids are never going to be tired of it. I have always been keen in reading light hearted fun to my kids, along with moral stories and non fiction, and this book would be a great scorer in that  list.

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  1. I am glad you were able to enjoy this one so much! I can imagine myself getting this for the kids I babysit for - they love books where the rhyme is repetitive!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, repetitive version of story telling works great with kids. I have seen that with many books.


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