Picture Pie - Ed Emberley(1984 - First Ed)

A circle is not just a circle; but many

  ISBN 10 : 0316234257       
          Don't ever think a shape is just a shape. Ed 
Emberley has brilliantly shown in this book, that various patterns, birds, animals can be formed using the basic shapes. A circle cut in half, quarter and so on, called as pies, are arranged in various ways to form the objects (The book cover gives more clue).

        While one book (First Edition) uses only circles, the other uses squares and rectangles too and it comes with a stencil for the shapes, to make things easy.

Publisher : Little, Brown & Company

Classification : Skills (Drawing, Crafts), Educational (Fractions) 

Age : Grade 1 and above

ISBN 10 : 0316789801

My Comment:

          I consider these books as craft books, rather than a drawing book, as mentioned in the First Edition. Both my kids love making simple crafts. But when it comes to patience, it evaporates easily for them. So it is my concern when selecting craft books, that it captures their attention quickly and end results showing up fast.(They won't wait for long drying hours). All Ed Emberley's books fit this criteria and I am a happy mom.         

         Apart from the given ideas, my son is creating more objects in the same way. Thus this book serves as a good imagination starter. I really love books which give room for kids to develop more. This book also works for teaching fractions.

         To add to this, this book would be great gift and perfect for classroom project ideas. Not only this series, Ed Emberley has several other series based on crafts and drawing, all of them sure to make your kid, more crafty.

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