Stone Soup - Marcia Brown (1947)

                     (Caldecott Honor - 1948)                              

        When the cloud of greed is cleared away, there will be always a sunshine of sharing in every heart. And, this French folktale enunciates that point.

A tale of sharing and caring   

         Three hungry soldiers enter a French village, in the hope of getting some food and shelter for the night, as they were on a long journey and had not eaten in two days. But the villagers, fearing strangers, hide all their food and inform the soldiers that they too are making through a poor harvest.

         But the soldiers don't have to worry, as they know how to make soup out of stones, except that they want only a little salt and pepper. But the villagers are not stopping with salt and pepper, as they slowly bring out carrots, cabbage, potatoes, meat and everything they are hiding to make this delicious stone soup.

Publisher : Charles Scribner's Sons

Classification : Folktale (French)

Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

ISBN 10 : 0684922967

My Comment:
       Being a folklore, anyone might have come across various versions of this tale at various times. But, I have always felt Marcia Brown's version is by far the most classic and simple form of this story. (Not only this one, I have loved all of Marcia Brown's folktale retelling, especially when I am introducing them to my kids.) 

          Whatever I expect from a classic children's book, a good story line, easy-to-follow narration, catchy illustrations and finally a moral that would be straightforward, are all filled and exceeded by this book. The illustrations are the real feast in this book, With a base of orange and gray tone, the pictures promptly supports this  book.

       After passing more than half century, this book is still meaningful and it has offered something to kids of every generation. And, this beloved classic would even be alive for years to come and generations to learn.

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