Up and Down - Oliver Jeffers(2010)

            This book is a follow up of Oliver Jeffers' 'Lost and Found'. The same pair of friends, the boy and the penguin, occur in this story again.

Friend Or Flying?
            The two friends, the boy and the penguin, almost spend every moment together. But one day when the penguin wants to fly, everything changes. Though the boy helps the penguin to get the experience of flying in various ways, the penguin is not satisfied. 
            Soon, the penguin finds a way to achieve his dreams, but that comes at the cost of leaving his friend, the boy. As the boy misses his friend badly, it is upto the penguin to decide which one to choose, Friendship or Flying?

       Publisher : Philomel Books

       Classification : Emotional , Relation (Friend)

       Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grade 1 - 3

       ISBN 10 : 0399255458      &       ISBN 13 : 9780399255458

My Comment:

           There is no doubt that this book is a lovely sequel to the lovely 'Lost and Found'. The kids who enjoyed the first book are sure to enjoy this book also. Since the characters are same, the flow of the story starts easily and makes us to expect a lot.

           All Oliver Jeffers' illustrations has minute detailing of funny and emotional  expressions. This book is no exception and the illustrations convey much more than the narration.The boy checking about the 'Cannonball' announcement is a beautiful example of this. The illustrations, where the boy helps the penguin to fly, are cute and make wonderful visual fun.

           But I personally felt that the heart touching elements in the other stories of Oliver Jeffers are missing in this story.(Along with my kids, I too enjoyed the reconciliation of the boy and penguin in 'Lost and Found' and the light hearted friendship of the boy and the alien in 'The Way Back Home').

          But even though this story is not deep, it can sure cheer up the Oliver Jeffers' fans like my preschooler son.

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