The Three Questions - Jon J.Muth (2002)

Three Questions and three values for life

ISBN 10 : 0439199964
          Based on the short story 'The Three Questions' by Leo Tolstoy, this clever adaptation by Jon J. Muth, gives answers to three questions, asked by a boy named 'Nikolai'. 

          Nikolai searches answers for three questions:
  • When is the best time to do things?
  • Who is the most important one?
  • What is the right thing to do?
           Since he is not satisfied by the various answers given by his friends, he goes to a wise turtle. But, Leo, the wise old turtle, is not going to reveal the answers directly. He has a way to make Nikolai to understand them.

         Publisher : Scholastic Press

            Classification : Moral (Philosophy)

            Age  : Grades 1- 3

My Comment:

      We might have read many books to our kids, to enhance their vision. But there are certain books, which enrich us in the process. I consider this book as one. The answers to the three questions not only appease the kids' quest, but make us a bit more enlightened.

    The adaptation of this story, from Leo Tolstoy's original, is very apt. While the original comes with a king and a hermit, this adaptation characterises a boy who is asking the questions and a wise turtle answering them. This makes the book more approachable to kids. The watercolor paintings add a firm backstage to this wonderful story.

            Totally, I consider this book reading as a distinctive experience with my kids.


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