Horton hears a Who - Dr.Seuss (1954)

Horton, the hero, who saved a world

      Who needs an introduction to Horton, the humble, cool and brave elephant hero, who saved the world of  Whos', despite all the hardships he faced? Of course, he is a one-of-a-kind hero, who can't be forgotten that easily.
       Horton's life was normal, until the day he heard voices from a small clover. Eventually, he understands that there are people (In fact, a whole town, Whoville) in that clover and he even communicates with the Mayor of Whoville. But the people in Whoville are so minute and can't be seen with normal eyes. 

      When Horton tries to protect the clover from destruction, the animals around him (A kangaroo especially) think that Horton has gone crazy. They mock and hurt him, as he fall out of the laws of their normal world. Also, they try to destroy the clover. Finally, everything was left out to the team effort of all Whos (to make themselves heard by the world) and the never-lost courage and optimism of Horton, to save the unique Whoville.

     Publisher : Random House Books

       Classification : Moral (Respect and Protect Others), 
                                 Emotional (Courage)

       Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 5

       ISBN 10 : 0394800788

       ISBN 13 : 978 03948 00783

My Comment:

       "A person's a person, no matter how small". I believe, these legendary lines stand as the very backbone of this entire book. Leaving all the allegory behind, this is a perfect book to teach kids, to respect  the world and all the living beings in it, as is. 

       Except this very reason, there is a whole combination of Dr.Seuss' magic all over this book. To start with, the rhymes, the catchy identification of Dr.Seuss, fluently spreads throughout the narration. The heavy theme of this book is deciphered into a child's mind, with these effective rhymes.

       The characters and the way, they are illustrated, can easily absorb the kids and also grownups. Horton, appearing for the second time in Dr.Seuss' book, characterised as an optimistic elephant, wins the heart of the readers (The first appearance of Horton is in 'Horton Hatches a Egg' as a 'one hundred percent' faithful elephant). The illustrations of people in 'Whoville' are proofs of the unique sketches of  Dr.Seuss.

       With a moral (that stands everlasting),  enunciated by characters (who speak for humanity), created by a genius (who created timeless works), this book is a must-read for all children. First published in 1954, this book still is nurturing and entertaining kids of every generation. Of course, who can forget the hero Horton, brought to life by the magical sketches of Dr.Seuss?

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