The Runaway Rice Cake - Ying Chang Compestine(2001)

ISBN 10 : 0689829728
         A new year is the time for new changes. With hospitality and kindness, the Chang family is in for a positive changes.

A new year to enjoy nian-gao

           After a year of drought and scarcity of food, the Chang family is celebrating the Chinese new year. As they are about to eat the only nian-gao(steamed rice cake) they have, it starts to run suddenly. It reaches a old woman soon, who had not eaten properly for the past few days. The Chang family offers the whole rice cake to the old woman and returns home.

        The surprise starts soon, as the Chang family finds out that their neighbors are sharing food with them and the bowls in home are growing larger and filled with food magically. Is the old woman, just an ordinary woman or ...?

        Illustrator : Tungwai Chau 

           Publisher : Simon & Schuster

           Classification : Tradition, Festival (Chinese New Year)

           Age : Grades 1-3

My Comment:
       I have always loved introducing traditions of different regions to my kids. And this book matched my quest when searching about Chinese traditions. As my kids loved the story very much and learned some moral, this book is good to go. The rhyming phrases with "Ai-yo" are catchy.

         But in my view, this book could be better, with out the funny part of rice cake running.(Of course, the title is 'Runaway Rice Cake' and my kids loved this part, especially). This part seemed to reduce the sensitiveness of the story. But, never mind, it's is a children's book and my kids enjoyed the reading.


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