Dear Zoo - Rod Campbell (1982 - First Ed.)

ISBN 10 : 1416947370
25th Anniversary Ed.
       Ever thought, which animal would you like to pet? Well, it is not an easy decision. The pet has got be perfect for you.

A Petting Zoo

          Here is a kid making serious considerations. He writes to a zoo, requesting a pet. But the animals they are sending are either too heavy, or too tall, or too fierce and so on. But he is not going to give up until he gets the right pet.

              Publisher : Campbell Books - First ed.

           Classification : Interactive(Flaps)

           Age : Baby, Toddler

My Comment:

      Interactively designed, this book would keep any toddler busy with its guessing game. Each flap is unique, in the shape of shipping box for different animals (from the zoo). I am sure, opening them makes a nice fine motor skill for toddlers. Also, a bit of science and grammar is there for toddlers, whichever way you teach it.

  • An elephant is big, a giraffe is tall - Science part
  • Big, tall, fierce, naughty - adjectives - Grammar part

     This cute book has crossed thirty years, since it was published first in 1982 and it would fit kids who come after even fifty years. Of course, a good book outlives generations.

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