The Foolish Tortoise - Richard Buckley(1985 - First Ed.)

A Bold Message - "Consider the Consequences"

ISBN 10 : 0689820585
       Everyone makes bad decisions at times. A tortoise is no exception. The  tortoise in this story hates being always slow and takes off his shell to move fast. But before the end of the day, he learns that his shell protects him from various dangers and harsh weather. Finally reaching the shell, he feels safe once again.

             Illustrator : Eric Carle 

               Publisher : Little Simon

               Classification : Moral, Science (Shells)     

              Age : Preschooler, Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 3

My Comment:

    I have always felt certain messages are hard to tell in a kid-friendly way. But this book broke my opinion. It comes with a high level message of "understanding the consequences", in a way even kids can get it. The poetic narration makes it a pleasure to read again and again. 

     Eric Carle's illustrations should be noted separately, as they carry the  entire background of the story in bright colors.(Obviously, the reason why small kids get attached to Eric Carle's books much. They love to go through the pictures repeatedly.) I am also happy that I can explain to my younger son why tortoises and turtles need shells. So, a lot is packed in this simple book - moral story, poem, bright and meaningful pictures, science. Whichever angle you read this book, you can interpret good things from here.

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