The Wright Brothers - Pamela Duncan Edwards(2003)

ISBN 10 : 0786819510

What Happened in 1903?

  •  What happened in 1903?
 First successful powered flight in human history.

  •  Who made this remarkable feat?
 Wright Brothers made this first successful powered flight in human history.

  •  How did they make it?
 Inspired by the wings of buzzards, Wright Brothers made this first successful  powered flight in human history.

  •  Who are Wright Brothers?
 To answer this question, the author Pamela Duncan Edwards has written this wonderful book, that talks about the life history of the Wright  Brothers, the pioneers of air travel. This book was published in 2003, the 100th year marking from the first flight.

Illustrator : Henry Cole 

      Publisher : Hyperion Books for Children

Classification : Biography (Wright Brothers),
                           Informative (First Flight, Flight Models) 

Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 5

My Comment:

         Writing a biography for children is a tough challenge. The author should induce the interests of the kids by surprise elements, while not compromising the real facts, that build the biography. Author, Pamela Duncan Edwards, has successfully managed both.

          The surprise element, she took in her hand, is the iterative version of story telling. Every page adds a line about Wright Brothers, while the lines from the previous pages occur again and finish the sentence (Though they are not perfectly rhyming and upto measurements, any kid would love these portions). 

          Starting from the sky that was conquered in flight in 1903, each page adds the struggles and achievements of Wright Brothers in every stage of their success. Instead of writing the whole life history, the author has given a timeline where the biography is pinned in years. The main story concentrates mostly on their flying experiments, which is a very brilliant idea.

          The illustrations complement the writing and add visual life to the book. The detailing of the flight models and other components by the illustrator are efficient and makes the understanding easy. The mice (some additional fictional characters) that travel along with the story provide fun (Again, to kids, since I was more concentrating on the biography). With all said, this book fits the perfect biography line, written for kids, with its kid friendly narration and preciseness.

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