Daisy-Head Mayzie - Dr.Seuss (1994)

ISBN 10 : 0679867120
      (This is the last book written by Dr.Seuss. The illustrations in this book are not by Dr.Seuss, but are inspired by his other works. This manuscript was found after he died and was published later.)

A Daisy Over-the-top  
      The world turns upside down for little girl Mayzie, when a daisy sprouts and blossoms on her head. When her teacher, the principal, her parents and a group of other grown-ups are trying to get a hand of the problem, media invites and makes Mayzie popular. When Fame makes her alone, detached her from family and friends, she cannot take it anymore, until she turns to her normal self.

         Publisher : Random House

           Classification : Moral, Funny

           Age : Kindergartener, Grades 1 - 5

My Comment:

      My kids (and me) are die-hard fans of Dr.Seuss books. They thoroughly enjoyed this book. The narration is typical of Dr.Seuss, with the rhymes. And, who else can imagine a daisy growing in a girl's head? The plot is an interesting one. The illustrations (they are not, but inspired by Dr.Seuss' works) are lovely. My kids liked the detailed picture of the principal's room. Whoever the person, who illustrated, is noteworthy.

         But even with all these positives, this book is missing the mark. The storyline is not coherent and it is pretty long for a child. Especially, the places where the grownups try to resolve the problem could have been short. 

        But, not to worry, Dr.Seuss' rhymes can take all of it and make this book enjoyable.

Update on 02/18/2015:

         Another written manuscript of Dr.Seuss ("What Pet Should I get?") was found and will be published in July 2015. Thanks +Dick Leonardo for updating me on this.

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